All special orders must be placed at least two days in advance by noon. Custom decorations are available for cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes. Please call the bakery during normal business hours to place an order. We do our best to accommodate most special order requests and it never hurts to ask if you're looking for something special. We do sell out on occasion, so we always recommend placing your order as soon as possible. 

We offer a wide variety of filling and frosting flavors for our cakes and cupcakes. Flavors can be mixed and matched to create the perfect cake for your event.

Popular Cake and Cupcake Flavors:

Caramel Cream Cake: Three layers of vanilla cake filled with salted caramel sauce and fluffy cream cheese mousse decorated in rich vanilla and caramel buttercreams.

Tiramisu Cake: Three layers of vanilla cake are soaked in cold brew coffee, filled with sweet mascarpone, and dusted with a traditional cocoa powder. This cake is extra moist and decadent!

Vegan Pink Tuxedo Cake: A naturally colored pink and brown tuxedo striped cake made up of three layers of chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam and decorated in pink raspberry frosting.

Blackout Cupcakes: Chocolate cupcakes filled with luscious and rich chocoalte pudding and decorated with creamy chocolate buttercream.

Vegan Pumpkin Chai Spice Cupcakes: These soy free and vegan pumpkin cupcakes are filled with spicy chai spice pastry cream and decorated with a fluffy caramel spice frosting.

Build Your Own

Choose your own cake, fillings, and frosting to make a cake or cupcakes unique to your event.

Cake Flavors: Banana*, Chocolate*, Coconut*, Lemon*, Pumpkin*, Red Velvet*, Strawberry*, White Chocolate, Vanilla, and Brown-Sugar Vanilla*

Cake Fillings: Chocolate Ganache*, Chocolate Pudding, Coconut Caramel*, Chai Spice Pastry Cream*, Cream Cheese Mousse, Coconut Walnut Custard*, Jam (Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, or Mixed Berry)*, Lemon Curd, Mascarpone Mousse, Peanut Butter Mousse, Pastry Cream*,  Espresso Pastry Cream*,  or a Buttercream of your choice.

Cake Frostings: Caramel Chai Spice*, Chocolate*, Cream Cheese, Coconut*, Lemon*, Mint*, Raspberry*, Strawberry*, Salted Caramel*, Vanilla*, and White Chocolate

*Vegan option available

All orders must be placed two days in advance by noon.

We also make wedding and special occasion cakes, visit our Weddings page for more details.