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Gluten Free Gem Bakery

Product Recall: Vanilla Raspberry Mascarpone Cake (whole cakes, sliced cake, and bulk cupcakes)

On Friday, Feb. 27th we discovered that New Seasons Market has been mislabeling and selling our Vanilla Raspberry Mascarpone cake as a Vegan Vanilla Raspberry Cake. As soon as we found out about this mistake, we called each store directly to request that they pull the cake from the shelves until they were properly labeled. We understand this is a huge mistake and we trust that New Seasons Market will do everything in their power to correct the problem.

On our end, we also pledge to maintain more oversight over how stores are selling our products. We put a lot of thought and effort into making sure our products are properly labeled--we even have a color-coded system in place to double check that it's easy for our customers to find the products that are right for them, whether it's gluten free, gluten free and dairy free, or gluten free and vegan. In-house we make sure to properly sanitize between batches to reduce the chance of allergen cross contamination, and we educate all our employees on the concerns surrounding allergens and food sensitivity. Going forward, we will also make sure to check in with all our accounts to ensure that they are also properly educated about our products-- and to ensure they are selling the product we intend for them to sell.

We apologies to all customers who were affected by this error and want you to know we are working closely with New Seasons Market to ensure proper labeling of our products. We want to make everyone happy with delicious gluten free pastries, so please don't hesitate to tell us how we can make things better in the future.

Introducing the new Vegan Chocolate Fruit Nut Bar. This granola bar-brownie hybrid has a soft and fudgy texture with bits of chewy dried fruit and crunchy nuts. It is full of healthy ingredients like flax meal, coconut oil, cranberries, almonds and walnuts, which combine to make a unique and delicious snack experience. The cranberries bring out the fruitiness of the coconut oil, the almond meal and oat flour add a wholesome hearty texture, while the flax meal showcases the chocolate's richness. This bar packs a flavorful energy punch. Our Vegan Chocolate Fruit Nut Bar is ready to be eaten as an on-the-go breakfast or a sweet snack.

Here at Gluten Free Gem we use all natural ingredients with no extra preservatives, so that you know you're getting the freshest, best product possible. Give the Vegan Chocolate Fruit Nut Bar a try. We're excited about it, and we hope you will be too!




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